Navara and Vachier-Lagrave get early wins in Reykjavik’s 4th round

The beginning of round 4

The strong open at Reykjavik is already heating up. The match-ups are becoming more balanced and the games more fighting. However, there were some battles that finished rather quickly.

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GM David Navara bounced back from his two draws against lower rated players with a 28-move win against IM Robert Ris. The Czech super-GM went for a direct kingside attack against the Grunfeld. First, he sacrificed his bishop for two pawns on the 15th move, then Ris made a big blunder and Navara was able to show a nice tactical sequence to win the game.

GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave just needed 24 moves to get his fourth straight victory. Dutch GM Erwin L’Ami chose the Caro-Kann Defense and took way too long to develop his kingside. Maxime exchanged the queens in a very favorable moment and went for a central attack. In the final position, the French GM has the initiative and has recovered all the sacrificed material. He will have a good rest before tomorrow’s round.


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