Anand with minimal lead in match against Leko

8-games rapid match, 3-7th June in Miskolc

The rapid match between World Champion Viswanathan Anand and Hungarian top player Peter Leko is taking place on 3-7th June in Miskolc. The match consists of eight rapid games of 25 min + 10 sec increment. In case of a draw 4-4, blitz games will decide the winner.

After four games, Vishy Anand is holding a minimal 2.5-1.5 lead. He crushed his opponent in the second game, but the remaining three were balanced and finished in draws. It is somewhat unusual to watch once die-hard 1.e4 players battling it out in closed openings. Three games saw the revived Gruenfeld defence, while in one Leko opted for Meran Slav.

leko anand

“In the second game, Anand was at his devastating best with his new found love in the queen pawn opening. Leko fell under pressure early in the game when Anand launched an assault on the king side and slowly but surely white kept on increasing the advantage. Leko lost a pawn while trying to combat the menacing white pieces and entered an endgame that offered little hopes.” – read more in The Hindu report.

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