Banícky Kahanec 2009

Six-player double round robin


The 31st closed chess tournament “Banícky Kahanec” is currently ongoing at Šachový klub Prievidza, Olympionikov 4, Slovakia. This double round robin event launched on 2nd May and runs until 12th May. The average rating of the players is 2570, which makes for a FIDE 13th category competition. Banícky Kahanec will be the strongest chess tournament played in Slovakia since 1922, when a closed tournament in Piešťany was won by Bogoljubov and Alekhine.


GM Ľubomír Ftáčnik (Slovenská republika) 2559

GM Ján Markoš (Slovenská republika) 2571

GM Kamil Miton (Poľsko) 2596

GM Mateusz Bartel (Poľsko) 2601

GM Vlastimil Babula (Česká republika) 2584

GM Tomáš Polák (Česká republika) 2508

Six rounds have already been played and Chessdom’s contributor Mateusz Bartel is firmly holding the first place, full point ahead of Vlastimil Babula.

Round 6 standings:

1. GM Mateusz Bartel POL 2601 – 4,5

2. GM Vlastimil Babula CZE 2584 – 3,5

3. GM Tomáš Polák CZE 2508 – 3,0

4. GM Kamil Miton POL 2596 – 3,0

5. GM Ján Markoš SVK 2571 – 2,5

6. GM Ľubomír Ftáčnik SVK 2559 – 1,5

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