FIDE and UEP Without Agreement

FIDE Press Release on 12-5-2009. UEP news service 13th of May 2009.

After several months of ongoing rumours, Universal Event Promotion (UEP) made a bid on 6th February to organise both 2010 Candidate tournament and 2011 World Championship match. This was already seen as concluded deal but yesterday a surprising email arrived from FIDE Office. Content bellow. UEP announcement added.

FIDE Press Release / 12-5-2009

FIDE announces that the negotiations with Universal Event Promotion (UEP), the original bidder for organising the final stages of the World Championship cycle 2009-2011 (Candidates Tournament and Final Match), did not reach a final agreement. FIDE is already in contact with other organisers and sponsors interested in holding these events.

Released by the FIDE Secretariat – 12 May 2009

UEP news service 13th of May 2009

The negotiations over the organisation of the forthcoming World Championship cycle 2010-2011 (Candidates Tournament 2010 and World Chess Championship Match 2011) between Universal Event Promotion (UEP) and FIDE have failed.

Due to different agendas relating to organisational sovereignty and commercial rights, the parties failed to reach an agreement. Aggravating circumstances included FIDE’s financial expectations beyond the original tender details.

UEP – the only bidder for the tender – believes that under such circumstances a permanent and successful marketing of the World Chess Championship will be questionable.

The negotiations ended by mutual agreement.

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