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history of the matches and possible world tour

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Only a few days after we published the official video of the match Kasparov – Karpov, with the additional details about a possible world tour, today we present you the official site of “Valencia cuna del ajedrez” Kasparov – Karpov duel. It is available at the domain and contains interesting details about the event. As the site is still entirely in Spanish, the organizers will be adding a section in English, containing all the details.

Official schedule

The official schedule is similar to the announced a few days ago. Important detail is that the rapid games have 5 seconds increment, and the blitz games have 2 seconds increment.

September 21 – press conference and simul

September 22 – 2 rapid games (25 mins + 5 sec.)

September 23 – 2 rapid games (25 mins + 5 sec.)

September 24 – 8 blitz games (5 mins + 2 sec.)

September 25 – Closing ceremony

History of the matches

Kasparov and Karpov have played five big matches in their carreer. Two of them happend in Moscow, one in London – Leningrad, one in New York – Lyon, and one in Sevilla. Exactly these are the places that might host a Kasparov – Karpov world tour in the next years. The negotiations are still going on, more details will be revealed during the match in Valencia

Kasparov – Karpov, Moscow match 1

kasparov karpov moscow match1

Kasparov – Karpov, Moscow match 2

kasparov karpov moscow match2

Kasparov – Karpov, London – Leningrad match 3

kasparov karpov london

Kasparov – Karpov, Sevilla match 4

kasparov karpov sevilla

Kasparov – Karpov, New York – Lyon match 5

kasparov karpov new york

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