SPICE Cup chess 2009

Andreikin, Wesley So, and Akobian top seeded

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Wesley So

The SPICE Cup 2009 is going to take place 19-29 September at Texas Tech University, USA. It will be one of the top round robin competitions of the year, featuring additional open and scholastic events.

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This event will break the U.S. record by a big margin. Last year’s SPICE Cup was a category 15 event with average rating of 2605.5. This A group of SPICE Cup is consisted of 6 strong GMs, with average rating of 2631, and average age of 20. The players included are:

GM Dmitry Andreikin 2659 – Russia (#6 junior under 20 in the world – Russian Junior Champion) 19

GM Wesley So 2644 – Philippines (#7 junior under 20 in the world – #1 in the Philippines – member of the 2008 Filipino Olympiad team.) 15

GM Varuzhan Akobian 2636 – USA (#6 in the U.S. – 2008 SPICE Cup Co-Champion – 2-time Olympiad Bronze Medalist) 26

GM Yuriy Kuzubov 2636 – Ukraine (#8 junior under 20 in the world – #12 in Ukraine) 19

GM Rauf Mamedov 2626 – Azerbaijan (#5 player in Azerbaijan – member of the 2008 Azerbaijani Olympiad team) 21

GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2585 – Norway (#2 in Norway behind Magnus Carlsen – member of the 2008 Norwegian Olympiad team) 19

Group B is also intriguing with many hot prospects in it. The average rating there is 2501,8, with the top two players – IM Gabor Papp and IM Davorin Kuljasevic – being local Texas Tech Students. Among the top favorites for winning the group are the Brazilian champion GM Andre Diamant and the USA top talent IM Ray Robson.

Here is the full list of the SPICE Cup 2009 B group:

IM Gabor Papp 2562 – HUN (GM norm – Texas Tech Student)

IM Davorin Kuljasevic 2547 – CRO (2 GM norms – Texas Tech Student)

GM Eugene Perelshteyn 2542 – USA (2007 SPICE Cup Champion)

IM Ray Robson 2527 – USA (2 GM norms – Winner of the 2009-2010 Samford Fellowship)

GM Andre Diamant 2526 – Brazil (2008 Brazilian Champion)

IM Ben Finegold 2515 – USA (2 GM norms)

IM Gergely Antal 2486 – HUN (2 GM norms – Texas Tech Student)

GM Vinay Bhat 2474 – USA (Former winner of the prestigious Samford Fellowship)

IM Oliver Barbosa 2451 – PHI (One of the top young Filipinos – Winner of 20 U.S. tournaments in the past year)

FM Danny Rensch 2388 – USA (2 IM norms) is planning daily coverage of the SPICE Cup. With the kind help of the organizers there will be daily reports from the playing site, pictures, and other multimedia material. There will also be daily live commentary, to select the game and players being commented log on to the Chess forum.

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Drawing of lots for SPICE Cup


The drawing of lots for the SPICE Cup A and B was conducted this morning. Dr. Juan Munoz, Texas Tech Vice President, started the procedure with the A group, followed by the B group. Dr. Hal Karlssson and International Arbiter Bill Snead will provide me with the exact round by round pairings based on the drawing of lots shortly.

Here is the order for both groups:

Group A

1. GM Varuzhan Akobian

2. GM Dmitry Andreikin

3. GM Wesley So

4. GM Yuriy Kuzubov

5. GM Jon Ludvig Hammer

6. GM Rauf Mamedov

Group B

1. GM Vinay Bhat

2. IM Ben Finegold

3. IM Ray Robson

4. IM Gabor Papp

5. IM Gergely Antal

6. GM Andre Diamant

7. FM Daniel Rensch

8. GM Eugene Perelshteyn

9. IM Oliver Barbosa

10. IM Davorin Kuljasevic

Spice Cup 2009

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