Topalov – Kamsky game 3 LIVE!

Carlsen – Dominguez and Grigoriants – Wesley So with live commentary as well

topalov kamsky

Welcome to the live coverage of what probably is the most exciting chess day of the year so far. The chess fans will be able to follow the Challengers match between Topalov and Kamsky, the category XXI Linares, and the Aeroflot open at the same time. All tournaments will be featured with live games commentary by GM Dimitrov, GM Iotov, IM Perunovic, and Goran Urosevic.

Aeroflot is the first to start at 13:00 CET with the game Sergey Grigoriants – Wesley So. At 14:00 CET is Topalov – Kamsky game 3, and at 16:00 CET starts Carlsen – Dominguez in Linares. Follow the links below to go to the commentary pages.

Live games commentary

Topalov – Kamsky

Carlsen – Dominguez

Grigoriants – Wesley So

Phots will be uploaded throughout the day in the Topalov – Kamsky photo gallery and Linares photo gallery. Also, check out the general Topalov – Kamsky page with over 75 chronologically arranged articles.

Replay games

WCCC2009Topalov – Kamsky game 1 / Kamsky – Topalov game 2

Linares 2009Anand – Radjabov / Aronian – Carlsen

AeroflotGM So – GM Filippov / IM Ponkratov – GM So

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