FIDE Grand Prix in Astrakhan

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The final FIDE Grand-Prix tournament is set to take place on 9-25th May in Astrakhan, Russia. The event is is very important as it will determine who will be the second qualifier for the Candidates Matches 2010-2011. As we reported earlier, Levon Aronian has already qualified and opted not to participate.

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Vladimir Akopian (Armenia 2694)

Evgeny Alekseev (Russia 2700)

Pavel Eljanov (Ukraine 2751)

Vugar Gashimov (Azerbaijan 2734)

Boris Gelfand (Israel 2741)

Ernesto Inarkiev (Russia 2669)

Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine 2741)

Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia 2725)

Peter Leko (Hungary 2735)

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan 2763)

Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukraine 2733)

Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan 2740)

Peter Svidler (Russia 2735)

Wang Yue (China 2752)

Source – FIDE

Round 1 on 2010/05/10 at 15.00

GM Eljanov Pavel 2751 - GM Svidler Peter 2735

GM Akopian Vladimir 2694 - GM Gelfand Boris 2741

GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2763 - GM Jakovenko Dmitry 2725

GM Gashimov Vugar 2734 - GM Ivanchuk Vassily 2741

GM Wang Yue 2752 - GM Leko Peter 2735

GM Alekseev Evgeny 2700 - GM Radjabov Teimour 2740

GM Inarkiev Ernesto 2669 - GM Ponomariov Ruslan 2733


1st day: Arrivals & Open. Ceremony – 09.05.2010

2nd day: Round 1 - 10.05.2010, Games start at 15:00 Local Time (GMT+3)

3rd day: Round 2 - 11.06.2010

4th day: Round 3 - 12.07.2010

5th day: Round 4 - 13.05.2010

6th day: Round 5 - 14.05.2010

7th day: Free day - 15.05.2010

8th day: Round 6 - 16.05.2010

9th day: Round 7 - 17.05.2010

10th day: Round 8 - 18.05.2010

11th day: Round 9 - 19.05.2010

12th day: Free day - 20.05.2010

13th day Round 10 - 21.05.2010

14th day: Round 11 - 22.05.2010

15th day: Round 12 - 23.05.2010

16th day: Round 13 & Clos. Ceremony - 24.05.2010

17th day: Departure - 25.05.2010

Official website

FIDE Grand Prix to take place in Astrakhan

Proposed dates are in late April 2010


Governor of Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin and FIDE commercial director Geoffrey Borg discussed the possibility of hosting the final Grand Prix tournament in Astrakhan, Russia, in April 2010. “Astrakhan Oblast is interested to invest in the development of chess in this region” – Mr.Zhilkin explained why he agreed to participate in this project, “I am sure that interest will be high”- he added.

Mr.Zhilkin also confirmed that FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov first approached him with the proposal. Astrakhan Oblast is located around the river Volga and its inflow with the Caspian Sea, bordering Kazakhstan on the east and Kalmykia on west.

The two sides have agreed on the playing venue and dates for the competition. According to the Governor, the building of the new Opera House will be finished in the first quarter of the next year, after which the tournament could start. The proposed dates are sometime in the late April, because “then the weather is nice.”

Earlier, Karlovy Vary withdrew from the cycle. News source, thanks to

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