Eduardas Rozentalis Wins 39th Rilton Cup

Five players shared first, Rozentalis with best tiebreak

The 39th Rilton Cup, Sweden’s strongest tournament, ended Tuesday with GM Eduardas Rozentalis from Lithuania winning the Cup on tiebreak points, his second win in four years.

Joined at 6½ points were Rozentalis, Russian GM Lysyj and IM Ponkratov as well as Polish GM Wojtaszek and GM McShane from the UK (the last pair battling it out in a 58 move draw in an apparent attempt to pass Rozentalis).

Eduardas Rozentalis

Eduardas Rozentalis

The tournament has been played since the early 1970′s following kind donations, and later a will, from Dr Tore Rilton. Dr Rilton was himself a rather strong chess amateur, but otherwise not very active in Swedish chess life. Nevertheless he, somewhat surprisingly, came to support the idea of holding a strong open in Stockholm on a yearly basis.

A key idea of the tournament, since it’s inception, has been to offer promising young Swedish players to compete against stronger players. This year young IM Nils Grandelius (b 1993) made the most out of this motto by ending (as best Swede) at 6 points, half a point behind the leading five.

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