SPICE Cup 2010 live!

Live games with analysis

The 2010 SPICE Cup starts with the participation of GM Zoltan Almasi, GM Wesley So, GM Alexander Onischuk, GM Georg Meier, GM Ray Robson, and GM Eugene Perelshteyn. Round 1 is Thursday, October 28th, at 2pm local time (21:00 CEST).

Live games with computer analysis of every round here and at the official website.

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Thursday, October 28

1:30pm Opening Ceremony

2pm Round 1 Group A&B

Friday, October 29

2pm Round 2 Group A&B

Saturday, October 30

10am SPICE Cup Scholastic

2pm Round 3 Group A&B

Sunday, October 31

10am SPICE Cup Open

2pm Round 4 Group A&B

Monday, November 1

2pm Round 5 Group A&B

Tuesday, November 2

1pm Round 6 Group B

Day ‐off for Group A!

7pm Blitz Championship

Wednesday, November 3

2pm Round 6 Group A

Round 7 Group B

Thursday, November 4

2pm Round 7 Group A

Round 8 Group B

Friday, November 5

10am Round 9 Group B

11am FIDE Open Round 1

2pm Round 8 Group A

4pm FIDE Open Round 2

Saturday, November 6

10am FIDE Open Round 3

2pm Round 9 Group A

3pm FIDE Open Round 4

Sunday, November 7

9am FIDE Open Round 1

1pm Round 10 Group A

2pm FIDE Open Round 1

6pm A Group Closing ceremony

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