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Chess Friends is the new professional online chess server on the internet. Quite young, it is already making rapid progress due to the fantastic interface and the multiple useful options that it offers.

The basis of the online chess server is the real time human or engine live games, tournaments, and their attached powerful engine analysis. All games are stored for later replay in an archive, while detailed statistics are always available to check out.

ChessFriends features different language versions, including English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, and Polish. New languages are coming soon, and if you want yours to appear, send an email to the staff here.

ChessFriends news section

ChessFriends has a nice news section, with game analysis. One of the featured articles is Karpov – Stein 1971, for more interesting articles check out the full news section.

Other recent articles include “Kasparov’s nightmare”, “Exchange and conquer”, “Grandmaster explains”, and “Lasker – Steinitz secret weapon”.

Chess Friends

Mobile applications

You have an iPhone? Then you can enjoy ChessFriends at all times! Download our outstanding mobile application for free and play from everywhere at iTunes

No registration is required to check out the platform of ChessFriends. Just click and play!

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