Silvio Danailov elected President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation

After unanimous vote Danailov collects 100 percent of the ballots

The current ECU President Mr. Silvio Danailov has taken one more leadership role, this time of the national Bulgarian Chess Federation. Danailov was elected to be the new President at the general assembly with 61 votes ‘for’ and 0 votes ‘against’.

The unanimous vote is something unprecedented for any Bulgarian sports federation and comes as recognition for all that Silvio Danailov has done for the national chess in recent years. Danailov stated, “I am proud of the result and I will make everything possible to meet the expectations, I will work with a professional team and 100% dedication.”

Vice Presidents in Danailov’s team will be Plamen Mollov and Nikolai Nedkov, while Nikolai Velchev will continue to be executive director.

Silvio Danailov

Election speech by Mr. Silvio Danailov

Silvio Danailov

The news became central sports news of the day, Silvio Danailov was guest in BTV Media Group’s sports weekend, while the National TV provided wide coverage (image from it above)

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