Popularizing an online game

by Mark Manson

Very often we say the way to commercialize chess is through online promotion, following the scheme soccer used with TV appearances in the 50′s. Being a board game, todays computers give all facilities for this to happen. We already have several examples about this, the most famous one being poker, and the most recent one being bingo. Here is what Mark Manson, one of the creators of DreamBingo shares.

Online bingo has developed mainstream appeal over the past couple of years – transforming into a great value leisure option for millions of Brits.
First of all – the new electronic bingo parlours really do look seriously smart – delivering bright colours, lovely themed graphics and genuine bingo calling and audio! Just logging-on instantly makes you smile and delivers a daily feel-good vibe. With ever-changing bingo game screens, with themes to match the time of year and big events – variety is also the spice of life when you play web bingo.
Everyone likes winning, but before we talk cash rewards, check out why online bingo is the ultimate entertainment – it’s the chat and community effect, of course! Yep – you’ve probably heard all about bingo chat – the cool instant messaging windows that let you make friends and enjoy live in-game chit-chat. Web bingo has become the ultimate place to socialise, network, catch up on gossip, chat about you interests and generally have a total blast!
Many gamers get confused about all the different bingo games on the Internet – but don’t worry, it’s really just a choice of 75 Ball American style bingo, and the traditional UK 90 Ball Bingo. Both games offer different things – with the rigid rows and patterns of 90 Ball gaming, contrasted with the whacky, ever changing American Bingo Tickets. Fortunately, if you pick a good bingo parlour, you can play both versions of the game.
The bingo buzz is so hot, right now – that even a few famous faces are loving it! Yep – apparently after a hard training session, Christiano Ronaldo loves playing a few relaxing bingo games. However, if the tabloids are to be believed, he could soon be logging-on for web bingo – live from Madrid! Countless celebs have already featured in bingo podcasts, chat sessions and live gaming.
Now – let’s talk about those funky bingo rewards! While bingo is a game of luck, like any lotto style game, it’s possible to win some very impressive jackpot cash. In fact, more and more bingo websites are offering progressive jackpot bingo games where the total prize fund frequently exceed 1 million pounds!
The good news is that while some gamers will strike it lucky and land thousands, there are countless ways to win much lower level bingo wins – typically in the £1 – £100 zone. What’s more, bingo parlours are big on bonus rewards – offering daily free chat games to win bingo credits, prize draws, competitions and an array of unique bingo gaming features.
The amazing thrill of online bingo gaming and chat can be checked out, without having to spend any cash – just get yourself along to a bingo parlour offering free bingo credits when you join. However, with bingo tickets typically available from just 5 pence per game – bingo really is the web’s most economic and affordable game. It’s great value for money – so get gaming and ‘buddy-up’ for the ultimate chit-chat fun.

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