Ivan Cheparinov to play FIDE Grand Prix series (updated)

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We have received information that Bulgarian GM Ivan Cheparinov will participate in the Chess Grand Prix series. Having in mind the qualifying rules: “If any player, qualified by rating, does not accept to play in the Grand Prix series, then the selection process using the average rating (Oct-07 and Jan-07 to two decimal places) plus number of games played in the rating period (Jan-07 + Apr-07 + Jul-07 + Oct-07) will be adopted to identify reserves, until the number of qualifiers required for the Grand Prix is completed.” (see more about Grand Prix rules), it is obvious that many players have decided not to play. One of them to publicly state the reasons is Alexander Morozevich.

Update: We were informed by a FIDE official that Ivan Cheparinov didn’t qualify by rating criteria, but as FIDE President’s nominee, as per article 3.1 of the regulations: “For the first cycle of 2008/9, all players in the World Championship (ie. Kramnik or Anand) and Challenger matches (Topalov or the World Cup 2007 winner) will be invited to participate in the Grand Prix from the outset. Should any of these players decline to participate in the Grand Prix series, the President may nominate one player to replace and this player must be rated among the top 40 players in the World.”

Information given by Alexander Morozevich, that Vishwanatan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov will not participate, has been confirmed by the same official.

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