Proposal For Teams’ Dress Code During The ECC 2008

16-24 October, Kallithea (Greece)

European Club Cup 2008

Press Release – 01/08/2008 – 77 days to go….

Dear Chess friends,

The Organizing Committee of the 2008 European Club Cup has proposed a Teams’ Dress Code during the competition. ECU and Organizing Committee encourages all the teams to appear in a same sports appearance while playing their matches.


The proposal for the Printing

Front side:

A. Number of board (Basic list)

B. Team logo

C. Team name

Back side:

A. Player name

B. Competition logo or sponsor

Why we have to standardize a teams’ dress code

Chess organizations should soon discuss a standardization of Teams’ Dress Code in major
Chess Team events for the following reasons:

· A more common and suitable appearance in the sports’ market

· A more attractive picture for the MEDIA world wide

· Better information for the spectators and the arbiters in the playing halls

· Co-operation with major sports firms who may design special collection for the hundreds
millions of chess players.

· Better promotion of Sponsors and Chess Organizations

· In the near future Clubs or National teams could add in the contracts with top chess
players the commercial exploitation of their t-shirts.

Read the ECC 2008 Press Release for more information.

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