Norwegian Press Celebrates Carlsen

Major newspaper report the youngster’s success

As Bjørn Smestad from Oslo points out, the local press is starting to realise what kind of treasure boy they have there in Norway. Apparently, major newspapers, like Dagbladet and VG, have for the first time forwarded their reporters to an international chess tournament. And what a great timing, as Magnus Carlsen tied first place, together with Levon Aronian of Armenia, in the 2008 Grand Slam opener at Corus, Netherlands.

Nettavisen has already been with chess for a while, having hired Grandmaster and respectable writer Leif Erlend Johannessen to provide live commentary on Magnus Carlsen’s games at Corus.

On the other hand, Eivind Skjervum provided extensive coverage for popular Dagbladet. Follow the “Sjakk” link to see more articles in this section. We want to thank Eivind who kindly mentioned Chessdom live commentary.

Carlsen press conference 1

Magnus Carlsen presenting his win against Vladimir Kramnik

Moreover, Jonathan Tisdall, still a fairly active Grandmaster, is working as journalist with Aftenposten, and Alf Ole Ask was present in Wijk Aan Zee. Some of Alf’s notable articles in Norwegian are Som en lang eksamen and Primadonnafri superstjerne. There is also a quick post in English. The Norway Post also has an English article.

Other posts of note (in Norwegian):




Carlsen press conference 3

Magnus Carlsen at the final press conference

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