Sergey Karjakin leads PVK Kievchess to victory in the Ukranian Chess Club Cup

Ukranian Chess Club Cup

Karjakin elegant

PVK Kievchess are the new club cup winners of Ukraine. They won the title with a strong display by the club members – GM Karjakin, GM Onischuk, GM Efimenko, GM Areshenko, GM Balkan, GM Miroshnichenko, GM Visochin, and the young star FM Ilya Nizhnik. PVK Kievchess did not lose a single match, drawing only with the second “Iuridichna akademia” (GM Moiseenko, GM Brodsky, GM Borovikov, GM Zubarev, GM Aveskulov), thus finishing with 15 match points and 39,5 game points, 3 match points and 9 game points ahead of competition.

PVK Kievchess results

PVK Kievchess – Podilia 5:1

Burevesnik – PVK Kievchess 0:6

PVK Kievchess – Rivenski Zubri 4,5:1,5

LNU I Franka – PVK Kievchess 1:5

PVK Kievchess – Donetska oblast 4:2

Iuridichna akademia – PVK Kievchess 3:3

PVK Kievchess – Krim 6:0

Etiud – PVK Kievchess 0:6

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