Your Chess is a new interesting chess website on the internet

A new and interesting web 2.0 site has appeared on the net in the past months. It is named “Your Chess” and can be found at The website was founded by Valerio Tirri and a group of French programmers “Portaneo” who specialize in platforms intra / internet 2.0. The site is in perfect style 2.0. Every user can build their pages with news, podcasts, videos, photo, online games that they prefer. The users can do it in some simple steps after login (only email and password).

In a good web 2.0 style the user can also contribute to the spread of other contents and insert it in his own favorite directory feed, video and photo embed (eg. flickr photo or youtube videos). All modules/widgets are available in the directory which is divided into various categories (application, blog, news, etc.).

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