Nimzo Indian

In Nimzo Indian lecture 1 GM Henrik Danielsen discusses 4… O-O 5. a3 Bxc3 6. Qxc3 b6 7. Bg5 Ba6 (idea of Karpov instead of Bb7) 8. e3 d6 9. Bd3 Nbb7 10. Nf3 (sideline of the main Ne2) c5 and here the lecture concentrates on 11. d5, 11. b4, and 11. O-O

Part 2 of the chess opening Nimzo Indian presented by GM Henrik Danielsen. It focuses on alternatives after Qc2 and presents options for black and white accordingly. The Nimzo Indian series will consist of total 14 chapters, discussing one of the most common chess openings at high level.

In part 3 we view Nimzo Indian chess opening with 4. Qc2, GM Danielsen looks at the strongest Ne2.

Parts 4 and 5 are another free grandmaster video lecture, where GM Henrik Danielsen gives the 4th key in the Nimzo Indian defence. The video is in two parts showing deep analyzis of a side variation, and also refutes some of the main theory in the line.

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