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Land-Based Casinos Join Forces with Online Poker Rooms


There seems to have been mixed emotions swirling around land-based casinos and the impending regulation of online poker. Most rejected the idea at first and spent millions of dollars to fight the legalization of online poker in fear that it would hurt the business of their brick-and-mortar enterprises. However, somewhere along the way, they realized that online poker wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, it was a growing industry that was getting bigger and bigger every month. So with acceptance of the phenomenon that is online poker by land-based operators, some big-name Vegas brands such as MGM and Caesars have already set up shop with an online poker website all of their own ready to go if such legislation that would allow US online poker should pass. Being ready to go at the moment when the government says, “Go!” will mean the difference between those who have prepared for such a day and those who haven’t. Their strategy is to be ready or get left behind.

However, there’s another side to the story. Some rooms in Vegas have taken on the attitude, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” meaning they have literally joined forces with some of the biggest online poker rooms in the business, and the rewards are two-fold for both casino and poker site. First of all, take Steve Wynn, owner of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas. The Wynn brand has recently partnered up with PokerStars in an effort to initially just work together to fight for the cause. This is a complete turnaround for Wynn, who was adamantly against the legalization of online poker from day one, but like others, he’s decided the sport is not going anywhere and US players are already playing online poker now before legalization. Think of how big the industry will explode when it’s legal. That’s why he wants in and joining forces with one of the biggest online brands in the industry will give the Wynn brand a giant leap ahead of other land-based brands when the government gives the go ahead.

So working together for the regulation of online poker is the basis of the Wynn/PokerStars venture as of now. However, once a bill that regulates online poker is passed in the US, the two will launch a mutual site named This would obviously be beneficial to Wynn, as they’d have access to hundreds of thousands of players already, an established brand, software, infrastructure, etc., but what is the gain for Stars? They are hoping that by joining with a well-known and influential company, they won’t be denied operations in the US for pretty much ignoring the UIGEA completely.

PokerStars and Wynn are not the only Vegas-Internet poker venture. It may in fact prove to be a trend over the next few months as more and more casinos form partnerships with online poker clubs. Another similar story is with Full Tilt Poker. This brand has teamed up with the Fertitta brothers (owners of Stations Casino and the UFC empire). While the arrangement still remains confidential, it is contingent on the regulation of Internet poker. This partnership differs though from the Wynn/Stars partnership in that Full Tilt and Fertitta are working on a Federal level to legalize online poker; whereas, Wynn and Stars are focusing on the state level, beginning with Nevada.

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