Pavel Eljanov takes the trophy in Poikovsky Karpov Chess Tournament

The International Chess Tournament named after the former world champion Anatoly Karpov took place from 27th August to 7th September in Poikovsky, Russia.

In the longest game of the final round Pavel Eljanov held Viktor Laznicka to a draw with black pieces to claim a clear first place in the tournament. Eljanov concluded the race with 6,0/9 points, half a point ahead of the reserve player Alexander Motylev.

Pavel Eljanov

Pavel Eljanov

Among the other games of the last round, Viktor Bologan took advantage of Ernesto Inarkiev’s slip with 16…Be7 and quickly destroyed black’s position with combined threats against the clumsy pieces.

Ivan Cheparinov and Emil Sutovsky lived up to their reputation of fearless fighters as an innocent-looking Gruenfeld Indian quickly turned into a wild affair with hanging pieces and white king walking up all the way to h6. But it was the black counterpart that was in real danger as Cheparinov weaved a mating net.

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Round 9 results:
Alexander Onischuk – Dmitry Jakovenko ½-½
Ian Nepomniachtchi – Alexander Motylev ½-½
Ivan Cheparinov – Emil Sutovsky 1-0
Viktor Bologan – Ernesto Inarkiev 1-0
Viktor Laznicka – Pavel Eljanov ½-½

Final standings:
1. Eljanov Pavel UKR 2702 – 6,0
2. Motylev Alexander RUS 2663 – 5,5
3. Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2693 – 5,0
4-7. Nepomniachtchi Ian RUS 2723, Onischuk Alexander USA 2667, Jakovenko Dmitry RUS 2724 and Sutovsky Emil ISR 2660 – 4,5
8. Bologan Viktor MDA 2672 – 4,0
9. Laznicka Viktor CZE 2677 – 3,5
10. Cheparinov Ivan BUL 2678 – 3,0

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