Play online chess vs GM Christian Bauer (today!)

chessdom chess arenaChessdom Chess Arena, the brand new free online chess platform, is gaining speed every day. Despite being in early beta, with very limited functionality, Chess Arena presents multiple nice features to the users. One of the favorite aspects is the Master Challenge where all players have a chance to play against IMs, WGMs, and GMs.

So far in the Master Challenge have played GM Tamir Nabaty, GM Simonian, GM Avetik Grigoryan, GM Alexander Ipatov, GM Petar Arnaudov, IM Spas Kozhuharov, IM Aman Hambleton, WGM Iva Videnova, and IM Veselin Pantev. All of them share a general feeling that Chess Arena is currently the platform with strongest players online, the average ELO estimated of well over 2000.

Play online chess vs GM Christian Bauer (today!)

GM Christian Bauer (see his games here) is going to be the invited player at the Master Challenge today. With standard ELO of 2621 and blitz ELO of 2670, GM Bauer is going to have a tough test vs the Chessdom Arena users. The competition starts at 14:00 CET join the race here

More “Play with a Master” sessions will be available every day, in the next week the schedule includes 1 GM, 5 IM, 4 FM, and 1 NM.

Christian Bauer

GM Christian Bauer

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