Grandmasters Invading Copenhagen

So far 19 Grandmasters signed up for Politiken Cup

Politiken Cup 2007 is set to break all the Danish records in number of participants. With almost two months before the games’ start, 152 players have registered only for the main tournament – among them 19 Grandmasters. The festival will also feature “B” group, weekend tournament, kids cup, women and senior Nordic Championships.

Last year’s prominent figures GM Nick E. de Firmian, GM Jonny Hector, GM Carsten Høi and FM Allan Stig Rasmussen are back for another turn. Sweden is sending strong expedition composed from members of the national team.

Gabriel Sargissian

GM Gabriel Sargissian

Other Grandmasters: Vladimir Malakhov (RUS), Michal Krasenkow (POL), Peter Heine Nielsen (DEN), Gabriel Sargisian (ARM), Igor Khenkin (GER), Giovanni Vescovi (BRA), Tommy Nybäck (FIN), Emanuel Berg (SWE), Alexander Stripunsky (USA), Evgeny Agrest (SWE), Tiger Hillarp-Persson (SWE), Anton Shomoev (RUS), Lars Schandorff (DEN), Kjetil A. Lie (NOR), Throstur Thorhallsson (ISL) and Mikhail Ivanov (RUS).

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