Simuls during Politiken Cup

With GMs Krasenkov, Hillarp-Persson and Ivanov

Among the many side-events during the 2007 Politiken Cup, simuls with the Grandmasters are catching serious attention. Already 52 seats of 75 available have been taken. Local players and visitors can sign up through the website.

Simul schedule:

Monday, July 23rd – Simul by GM Michal Krasenkov

Wednesday, July 25th – Simul by GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson

Thursday, July 26th – Simul by GM Mikhail Ivanov


GM Michal Krasenkov

Official website was running “win simul tickets” puzzle contest, and 10 winners have earned their places: Jan Nordenbæk, Rune Egede Andersen, Dara Sevkan Akdag, David Palvig, Anders Storm Hansen, Søren Hauge, Frederik Nielsen Zmylon, Kai E. Froland, Steven Osaland and Janus Christensen.

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