Radoslaw Wojtaszek dominates in Hilton Basel Chess Festival

Polish Grandmaster Radoslaw Wojtaszek continued his fantastic run in the Switzerland chess tour by convincingly winning the Hilton Basel Chess Festival with 6,5/7 points.

Last week Wojtaszek won another very strong tournament – the Zurich Christmas Open.

In the final round Wojtaszek used white pieces to beat Maxim Rodstein and escape the nearest followers by full point.

On the shared second place with 5,5 points each are Ivan Popov, Robin Van Kampen, Alexandr Fier, Gil Popilski, Boris Grachev and SP Sethumaran.

Popov, Wojtaszek, Van Kampen

Top three finishers – Popov, Wojtaszek, Van Kampen

In the Amateur tournament the earlier leader 10-years-old Daniel Kopylov was defeated in the last round but nevertheless he shared the first place with Konrad Schönherr and Arthur Toenz.

In the Junior tournaments Sajithan Sankar won the U12 section and Max Lo Presti won the U16 section.

The Hilton Chess Festival Basel was held on 1-5th January 2014 at Hilton, Aeschengraben 31, in Basel, Switzerland. The Festival was organized by Der Verein Schachfestival Basel.

Photos by U. Zinke

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Sajithan Sankar and Max Lo Presti

Sajithan Sankar and Max Lo Presti

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