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The Remco Heite Chess Tournament 2012 will take place on November 15th – 18th in Netherlands. It is a round robin tournament with Grandmasters Luke McShane, Ivan Sokolov, Loek Van Wely, Matthew Saddler, Ernst Spike, and Daniel Fridman.

The first round was played on Friday. Luke McShane and Loek Van Wely took the lead after victories against Ivan Sokolov and Daniel Fridman, while the game Saddler – Ernst finished draw. Saturday and Sunday will have double rounds, with live coverage of games on Chessdom.

The Invitation Remco Heite Chess is a biennial tournament. The first edition, in 2006, was won by Loek van Wely. In 2008, the first prize went to the Polish Grandmaster Bartlomiej Macieja. Englishman Luke McShane won in 2010.

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