TCEC stage 2a LIVE!

A total of 16 engines qualified to the second stage of TCEC. All but one 3000+ ELO engines qualified, the short straw was for Equinox which remained 17th on tiebreak. The lowest rated engine to qualify was Gaviota (ELO 2720).

Houdini and Vitruvius did not meet during the first stage of TCEC. They will not meet in stage 2 either, as they are in different groups – Houdini in 2a and Vitruvius in 2b.

List of participants for Stage 2a:
Houdini, Stockfish, Hiarcs, Rybka, Critter, Junior, Gaviota, Spike

List of participants for Stage 2b:
Vitruvius, Gull, Chiron, Komodo, Shredder, Scorpio, Quazar, Hannibal

Stage 1

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