The Tromso Kings wins Norwegian Youth Chess Championship 2013

“The Tromso Kings” won the Norwegian Youth Chess Championship 2013 with a perfect score. The team won the five matches proving to be the strongest team by a large margin.

The Norwegian Youth Chess Championship took place on March 1-3 in Oslo. The event was played according to a the Monrad system during 5 rounds.

The winning team was conformed by the following players:

FM Benjamin Arvola
Håvard M Skagseth
Elise Forså
Jon Machlik
Lasse E Bjørn

Arvola and Bjorn achieved impressive 4/5 scores to lead the team to victory.

The second place went to the team Alta, whose best representative was Alf Gjøran Jakobsen.

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 Final Standings:

1 The Tromsø Kings 1966
2 Alta 2067
3 Stavanger 1718
4 OSS 1 1538
5 Bergens 1 1619
6 Strømmen SKU 1325

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