Today: Houdini – Shredder and Exchess – Stockfish

TCEC2Another exciting day of the global computer chess championship TCEC has been played. On September 3rd, the R3 games in the program started after the 235 moves marathon Jonny – Onno. The engines Hannibal, Sjeng WC2008, and Naum 4.2 achieved relatively quick victories against Scorpio, Minkochess, and Gaviota. Junior 13.3 also outplayed the 2800+ Toga II, while the newcomer and 3000+ ELO participant Bouquet won in 105 moves against Spike 1.4.

Today are the top games of the round. Multiple 3000+ ELO engines were held to draws in R2 and have a lot to prove in today’s games. Currently Rybka 4.1 – Hiarcs 14 is being played (watch it live here) while right after that on the official website start Houdini 3 – Shredder 12, Gull 2.2 – Equinox, and Exchess 7.15b – Stockfish 4. Follow the action on the official website.

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