Anand – Topalov live games

Live games commentary from the World Chess Championship 2010

Anand Topalov 2010 is preparing large commentary coverage of the live game and daily reports from the venue during the World Chess Championship match Anand – Topalov. The live games will be commented by our resident commentators team, headed by the Women World Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, one of the top French grandmasters Christian Bauer, and the young star international master Alexander Ipatov. Besides them we will be joined live by GM Aveskulov, NM Karagianis (aka coach K), IM Miodrag Perunovic, and Jason Juett (who is to only player to have played a chess game on the scene of Anand – Topalov match photos here) and many titled guest commentators.

During the games there will be many surprises and gifts to the audience, including free copies of GM Bauers new book on Scandinavian defence.

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