First game of Topalov – Anand to be postponed 2 hours

The game and the live transmission will be online 26 hours after the initial WCC 2010 schedule

Anand Topalov 2010

The first game of the World Chess Championship between Anand and Topalov will be postponed 2 hours more. It will start at 16:00 CET (17:00 local time), and the reason is the previous arrangements that the Prime Minister and Head of the Organizing Committee Boiko Borisov has in Varna, a city at the other end of the country, on the north-east seaside.

With the extra two hours, the postponement of the games becomes 26 hours, as previously it was decided by FIDE that Anand will be granted an extra rest day after his long travel from Germany. The possibility of the additional postponement was first mentioned during the Chessdom live coverage of the press conference and confirmed by FIDE officials. Team Anand and team Topalov have agreed on the change and the live game start at 16:00 CET on the first day. All other rounds will be played according to schedule.

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