Troy Open Chess Tournament

The 20th International Troy Open Chess Tournament will take place on 6th-10th August 2012 at the Anafartalar Sport Hall in Canakkale, Turkey.

The 9-round Swiss event is organized by the Turkish Chess Federation and arranged in three playing groups: Category A (Over 1800 ELO), Category B (Under 1800 ELO) and Category Women.

Female players can also opt to participate in the Category A or Category B, according to elo.

There will be Blitz Tournament on 6th August 2012. Its regulation will be announced during the Technical Meeting.

Troya Open

The playing hall in Canakkale

The total 13.500 TL (6000 EUR) will be distributed as prize fund. First prize is about 1300 EUR.

Currently 213 players are registered to take participation. Top rated are GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan IRI 2577, GM Kuljasevic Davorin CRO 2564, GM Guliyev Namig AZE 2539, GM Bagaturov Giorgi GEO 2455, GM Haznedaroglu Kivanc TUR 2433, GM Sriram Jha IND 2428, IM Annaberdiev Meilis TKM 2433, WGM Iva Videnova BUL 2328 and WGM Pourkashiyan Atousa IRI 2313.

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