Ukrainian Chess Championship 2013 – Participants

The final of the 82nd Ukrainian Chess Championship is scheduled to take place on 15-26th June in Kiev. The tournament format will be 12-players round robin.

The federation has announced that the top national players will compete in the tournament, including the defending champion Anton Korobov, former World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov and European Champion Alexander Moiseenko. Vassily Ivanchuk is not on the list.

Concurrently, the Ukrainian Women’s Chess Championship 2013 will be held in Kiev. The federation is planning to gather the strongest players, including the reigning World Champion Anna Ushenina.

Ponomariov Ruslan 2742
Alexander Areshchenko 2709
Korobov Anton 2705
Pavel Eljanov 2702
Moiseenko Alexander 2698
Volokitin Andrei 2687
Efimenko Zahar 2677
Kryvoruchko Yuriy 2659
Kravtsiv Martyn 2595
Bogdanovich Stanislav 2548
Baryshpolets Andrey 2530
Neverov Valeriy 2489

Anton Korobov

Anton Korobov

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