US Chess Championship 2016 LIVE!

The US Chess Championship 2016 will start on Thursday, April 14 in St Louis. It is the strongest US Championships ever, with top-10 players Caruana, Nakamura and So and top-100s Kamsky, Onischuk, Robson and Shankland.

The top three players will compete in a special blitz round robin format against Garry Kasparov.

The US Chess Championship 2016 is 12-players Round Robin with one round per day, with a rest day on April 19, after the 5th round, and possible playoffs take place on April 26. All games will start at 1 PM St. Louis time (which is 19:00 CET, UTC/GMT -5).

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Another strongest event in history is starting this May 1st – the Top Computer Chess Championship 2016. There are 10 engines over 3100 ELO! Defending champion is Komodo, while Houdini will play with the new version 5. Find all the information here and follow the live games here

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