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Gorenje tournament was put together in only three months

The 15th category tournament was put together in only three months. Anatoly Karpov was surprised by this fact and said that this kind of event should be prepared for at least 8 months.

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Gorenje 13

Gorenje and VSK Sveti Nikolaj leaders

Gorenje 12

Luka Acimovic, president VSK Sveti Nikolaj

Gorenje 11

Gorenje director Marko Mrzev and associates

Gorenje 5

Ratibor Djokic and Milan Bozic

Gorenje 6

Nenad Popovic and Milan Bozic

Gorenje 10

Sasha Pantic and Milos Lazic

Gorenje 8


Gorenje 3

Hotel Grand – playing hall

Gorenje 1

Gorenje 7

Ratibor Djokic

Gorenje 4

Arbiters Milivoje Milivojevic and Petar Katanic-Vujic

Gorenje 2

Tournament director Milan Bozic

Gorenje 9

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