Voronezh Chess Masters 2017 LIVE!

The 21st Voronezh Chess Masters, dedicated to the memory of Alekhine, is going to take place 12-20 June, 2017. It consists of 136 players, 32 of which Grandmasters. Top seeded are GM Boris Grachev, GM Dmitry Kokarev, GM Boris Savchenko, GM Ivan Popov, GM Sergey Volkov, etc.

A parallel Open section consists of 118 players.

Both the Voronezh Masters and Open sections will be live on Chessdom daily with analysis by the TCEC top engines Komodo, Stockfish, and Houdini. You can also follow the event on your mobile via the ChessArena android application for mobile phones

Voronezh Masters Alekhine Memorial 2017 live

Voronezh Open Alekhine Memorial 2017 live

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