Aronian – Anand live!

WCC round 2 with IM Miodrag Perunovic

Another exciting matchup for this round. So far, only Aronian won one game in Morelia-Linares and even Vishy Anand will not feel comfortable on the black side against the young talent. It is possible that Anand will opt for a solid Slav defence, but Queens Indian should not be discarded. Aronian has on-site support by Australian celebrity dancer and Woman International Master Arianne Caoili, will that help him in reaching the desired goal?

More on Aronian and Anand recent clash in Chess960 and Rapid can be found in the Aronian Anand preview

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Photos round 2

The first photos from round 2 are here. You can find them in in the multimedia section

Anand – Aronian, WCC Mexico 2007


Anand and Aronian are two of the favorites of the World Chess Championship in Mexico this year. Both of them had proven their class and are hungry for a chess title. Anand has already had it in his hand in 2000 after defeating Alexei Shirov 3.5 – 0.5 in the final match held at Teheran and surely wants it back. Aronian has never been at World Chess Championship finals and will be very eager to win the title.

The way to the finals in Mexico

The tiger from Madras was one of the four people to qualify directly for the finals together with Vladimir Kramnik, Peter Svidler, and Alexander Morozevich. It was quite logical to see Anand coming directly to the playing hall, Hotel Sheraton Centro Historico, as he is number 1 in the FIDE rating list.

Aronian needed to go through tough qualifications in Elista earlier this year. First he had to struggle with top form Magnus Carlsen, and then with a man who was always close to the World Championship title, Alexei Shirov. Aronian won both mini matches and thus got his visa for the WCC finals.

Experience vs Rising star

The match between Anand and Aronian in Mexico will be enhanced by another variable, the age factor. Aronian is the second youngest player (after Grishchuk). Anand is the second oldest player (after Gelfand). The age difference between the two is close to 13 years. This has its pros and cons for both players. 13 years more mean many more games on the board, stable style, and lots of experience for Anand. At the same time Aronian will be much more energetic in the marathon of 14 games to the World Championship Title.

The last encounter between Aronian and Anand

Aronian and Anand saw each other for the last time in Mainz. They both went away with titles, and both titles were achieved in direct matches. Aronian showed he is a natural chess talent by conquering the WCC of Chess960. Anand avenged the title and became the World Rapid King a few days later. For sure both of them have what to tell each other over the board in Mexico.

Videos of Aronian and Anand

Anand World rapid champion

Aronian, Anand, and Kasimdzhanov

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