Mamedyarov – Cheparinov, game 2 LIVE!

Chess World Cup round 3 live commentary

Carlsen – Dominguez PerezLIVE now!

Dominguez Perez – Carlsen

Cheparinov – Mamedyarov

Magnus Carlsen – Arkadij Naiditsch

Gata Kamsky – Ahmed Adly

Photo reports from Khanty-Mansiysk

Photos from the Chess World Cup: round 1, round 1.2, round 3

Mediterranean Chess Championship

The Mediterranean Chess Championship is currently taking place. IM Esen Baris and IM Darko Doric are leading, followed by GM Suat Atalik. report, replayable games, and photos

67th Italian Chess Championship

Il Campionato Italiano Assoluto is taking place November 23 – December 4 in Martina Franca. After 7 rounds GM Fabiano Caruana is leading with 5,5/7, closely followed by IM Sabino Brunello with 5,0/7. Read more

Round 3 game 1

Yesterday was an exciting day at the Chess World Cup. We could follow the breath taking games Dominguez Perez – Carlsen and Cheparinov – Mamedyarov live. In total there were 11 draws in round 3, but the quality of the games was much higher than this number indicates. You can check out the replayable games and results, and the photo report as well.

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