Zaw Win Lay Memorial Myanmar Open – Round 6

At the GM Zaw Win Lay Memorial Myanmar Open, Sergei Tiviakov is living up to his top billing by taking the sole lead with a 5,5/6 points going into the rest day after three days of grueling play.

He is closely followed by Nguyen Duc Hoa (whom Tiviakov took a short draw with Black in the morning fifth round expecting to play Nigel Short in the afternoon sixth round with White), Vishnu Prasanna, Gong Qianyun, Arun Prasad, Kongsee Uaychai, Venkatesh M.R. and Ti Jinyao, all on 5/6.

The big upset was of course Vishnu beating Short in twenty moves on the White side of a Sicilian (which upset Tiviakov’s assumptions!) in the fifth round to take the lead but he was in turn beaten by the top seed in the sixth round.

GM Zaw Win Lay Memorial Myanmar Open

Of the lesser names, Singapore’s best young talent Tin Yinyao has impressed, only dropping a hard fought game to Short in a probably drawn ending while also attracting attention is Thailand’s Kongsee Uachai who is undefeated and whose performance includes two draws with GMs Vladimir Belous and Jahongir Vakhidov and a win over Myanmar’s top player, IM Wynn Zaw Htun but unfortunately having also played three unrated locals has no chance for a title norm.

Round seven promises to be very exciting with everything still very much possible and some intriguing match ups including Tin-Tiviakov, Nguyen-Venkatesh, Kongsee-Arun, and Vishnu-Gong.

News by Chief Arbiter IA Peter Long

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