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1000GM April Scheveningen Challengers – Participants

The 1000GM April Scheveningen Challengers will be held from the 21st to the 23rd of April in Sunnyvale, California, United States as a 5-round semi-Scheveningen. The time control is 90 minutes for the entire game with a 30-second increment beginning from move 1.

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Pairings :

Round 1
Board #WhiteResultResultBlack
1NM Henry Deng 2158FM Noel Hernandez Marques 2360
2NM Rose Atwell 2108IM Liordis Quesada Vera 2322
3Dylan Tang 2057IM Cesar Augusto Campos Jimenez 2330
4Jeffery Wang 1977IM Diego Flores Quillas 2359
5Rohan Rajaram 1841FM Arturo A Fernandez Hernandez 2308
6FM Gerardo Antonio Gracia 2238Vincent Qin 1859
7FM Rico Salimbagat 2233Ethan Guo 1964
Round 2
Board #WhiteResultResultBlack
1FM Noel Hernandez Marques 2360NM Rose Atwell 2108
2IM Liordis Quesada Vera 2322Dylan Tang 2057
3IM Cesar Augusto Campos Jimenez 2330Jeffery Wang 1977
4IM Diego Flores Quillas 2359Rohan Rajaram 1841
5Vincent Qin 1859FM Arturo A Fernandez Hernandez 2308
6Ethan Guo 1964FM Gerardo Antonio Gracia 2238
7NM Henry Deng 2158FM Rico Salimbagat 2233
Round 3
Board #WhiteResultResultBlack
1Dylan Tang 2057FM Noel Hernandez Marques 2360
2Jeffery Wang 1977IM Liordis Quesada Vera 2322
3Rohan Rajaram 1841IM Cesar Augusto Campos Jimenez 2330
4Vincent Qin 1859IM Diego Flores Quillas 2359
5FM Arturo A Fernandez Hernandez 2308Ethan Guo 1964
6FM Gerardo Antonio Gracia 2238NM Henry Deng 2158
7FM Rico Salimbagat 2233NM Rose Atwell 2108
Round 4
Board #WhiteResultResultBlack
1FM Noel Hernandez Marques 2360Jeffery Wang 1977
2IM Liordis Quesada Vera 2322Rohan Rajaram 1841
3IM Cesar Augusto Campos Jimenez 2330Vincent Qin 1859
4IM Diego Flores Quillas 2359Ethan Guo 1964
5NM Henry Deng 2158FM Arturo A Fernandez Hernandez 2308
6NM Rose Atwell 2108FM Gerardo Antonio Gracia 2238
7Dylan Tang 2057FM Rico Salimbagat 2233
Round 5
Board #WhiteResultResultBlack
1Rohan Rajaram 1841FM Noel Hernandez Marques 2360
2Vincent Qin 1859IM Liordis Quesada Vera 2322
3Ethan Guo 1964IM Cesar Augusto Campos Jimenez 2330
4IM Diego Flores Quillas 2359NM Henry Deng 2158
5FM Arturo A Fernandez Hernandez 2308NM Rose Atwell 2108
6FM Gerardo Antonio Gracia 2238Dylan Tang 2057
7FM Rico Salimbagat 2233Jeffery Wang 1977

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