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15th annual Chicago Class 2022

The 15th annual Chicago Class 2022 kicks off on Friday and will be played from 15-17 July at the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel, Wheeling, Illinois. The event features 7 sections: Master (for players rated 2100+), Expert (for players rated 1900-2199), Class A (for players rated 1700-1999), Class B (for players rated 1500-1799), Class C (for players rated 1300-1599), Class D (for players rated 1100-1399) and Class E (for players rated U1200). The total prize fund of the events will be at least 30.000$.

The events will be played in 5 rounds, swiss system, and nearly 150 players already registered. The list of registered players through July 9th can be seen below, and the list will be regularly updated with the new entries. The registration deadline for the events is Friday, July 15th for the 3-day events and Saturday, July 16th for the 2-day events.

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Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel, Wheeling, Illinois

Starting rank list of players:

Player’s NameFIDE RatingSectionSchedule
Lazaro Bruzon Batista (GM)2623Master (2100/up)2 Day
Elshan Moradiabadi (GM)2535Master (2100/up)2 Day
Nicholas Ladan2131Master (2100/up)3 Day
Kyler Weatherspoon1986Master (2100/up)3 Day
Nicholas Bruha2101Master (2100/up)3 Day
Rishi T Narayanan1916Master (2100/up)3 Day
Joshua ZillmerUnrMaster (2100/up)3 Day
Elijah Samuel Platnick1906Master (2100/up)3 Day
Frederick S Rhine1876Master (2100/up)3 Day
Isaac George1788Expert (1900-2199)3 Day
Aidan P KaczanowskiUnrExpert (1900-2199)3 Day
Naren S Prasanna1875Expert (1900-2199)2 Day
Hiro Michael Higuchi1818Expert (1900-2199)2 Day
Ruoyu Guo1709Expert (1900-2199)3 Day
Bryce Mc ClanahanUnrExpert (1900-2199)2 Day
Anjaneya Sripathy Rao1784Expert (1900-2199)3 Day
Joshua Meng1608Expert (1900-2199)3 Day
Ethan Y Liang1513Expert (1900-2199)3 Day
Alex Cheng1783Expert (1900-2199)3 Day
Madeline L Weber1756Class A (1700-1999/Unr)2 Day
Brian Peterson1770Class A (1700-1999/Unr)2 Day
Austin T Earsley1829Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Alex Li1713Expert (1900-2199)2 Day
Jonathan D Phillips1512Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Senthil SundaramUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Zvonko Juric1621Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Harvey Steven HankeUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)2 Day
Vincent SpringerUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Bret Thomas Obrien1677Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Dharani Sree Ravi1596Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Hector R Hernandez1539Class A (1700-1999/Unr)2 Day
George TrbojevicUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)2 Day
Sanjith Prabhu1547Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Alan Xu1289Class A (1700-1999/Unr)2 Day
Arjun RamanUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)2 Day
Chris Wainscott1611Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Mike A Cronin1479Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Michael SlossonN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Paul D LubinskiUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Zach Nudo1720Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Niklas C Heglin1712Class A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Yash S BhargavaN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)2 Day
Christopher ChengUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Louisa ZhangUnrClass A (1700-1999/Unr)3 Day
Norman WeinzweigN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)2 Day
Ryan ZhangN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Ryan Jacob WandsniderN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)2 Day
Ryan A SantoroN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Dario PjevicN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Samuel LuN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Keoni Frederick OsborneN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Joshua FloresN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)2 Day
Julius CromartieN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Rakshana Walker SundaraN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Alexandre TherrienN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)2 Day
Malik BrewleyN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Bat Uya MolomjamtsN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)2 Day
Joshua GingerichN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)2 Day
Linda ChangN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Thor Heidrek Heidrek TemplinN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Juan Bosco AyalaN/AClass B (1500-1799/Unr)3 Day
Lokruth PatilN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Pauline YangN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Rudy PadillaN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Vinay SridharN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Eric SaxeN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Aethelred Magni Hild TemplinN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Malte Johannes MeindertsmaN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Jacob Buchanan WangN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Josh JohnsonN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Tyler Allen HansenN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Scott StapelN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Eskandar SaraieN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
David L BradleyN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)2 Day
Robert James ScottN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Eddy LiN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)2 Day
Matthew Vincent MalickiN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Manuel SolorzanoN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Ethan F. BoleyN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)2 Day
Eric Speer (Withdrawn)N/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Timothy A LundN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Lucas DouN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Ray Mingye SunN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)2 Day
Daniel LonaN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Srinivas RaoN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Leonardo DouN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Rohan MenonN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)2 Day
Harry PrasadN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Sridhar BalasN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)3 Day
Alexander PanN/AClass D (1100-1399/Unr)2 Day
Jeff SantoroN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Siddhartha GovilkarN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Junho ParkN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Connor S ManningN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Arthur ZarellasN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Siddharth SanchulaN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Walter PitucN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Sebastian Bishoy AzizN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Robert Jamar PoliteN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Srimathy SridherN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Ishaanaditya KarthikN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Yegna Sairam JandhyalaN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Akshay BharadwajN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Matthew Lucas HoughN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Jian WuN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Dylan William MitchellN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Elizabeth XiaN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Andrew ZhuN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Omjas TripathiN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Sanjana PrabhuN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Philip RossN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Jasmine RaoN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Ian WanN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Avidha BiswasN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Lucas QuintosN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Isgender SaparovN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Bren OdomN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Aaditya KhannaN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Caleb T RazdolskyN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Lucas KuangN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Simon R LuN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Alan BitttermanN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Sarah Renee DalbyN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Sri Akshika GopalN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Sri Krishav GopalN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Aaditya KhatodN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Andrew Mccray KochN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Jacob LykeN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Elias MatsakisN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)3 Day
Mishika Mukhopadhyay (Withdrawn)N/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day
Braedyn MulcahyN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Aarush RudrarajuN/AClass C (1300-1599/Unr)2 Day
Joseph A TempleN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)3 Day
Niko J VercellettoN/AClass E (Under 1200/Unr)2 Day

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