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1st Fano on the Sea & Carnival International Open Tournament

The 1st Fano on the Sea & Carnival International Open Tournament is set to take place from 30th July to 5st August in Fano, Italy, next to the Adriatic Sea.

The tournament is organized by the Fano Chess Club and Dario Pedini. The club celebrates 25th anniversary in 2012.

The players will be divided in four groups – Open A for those rated above 1900, Open B for the U2000 participants, Open C for U1600 and Juniors U16 born after 1.1.1996.

The playing venue is SportPark Center. Partner Hotel *** Continental, Astoria, Delaville and Nettuno, starting from 52 € in FB.

Partner Restaurant: J Lounge for a romantic dinner on the sea and yacht club, and LaCoppa for HQ Italian food.

There will also be free lessons with International Masters Stella and Caprio, a blitz tournament, bowling tournament, ping-pong, mini golf, baby-park and finally the summer edition of the traditional Fano Carnival, established in 1347!

Open A and Open B will be held over 9 rounds of Swiss system; 7 rounds for Open C and U16.
Time control: 90′ x 40 + 30′ + 30” from beginning
Top prize in the Open A is 700 EUR. The total prize fund is 5.600 EUR.

Top players are Alberto David (LUX 2605), Yuri Solodovnichenko (UKR 2598) and Tamas Banusz (HUN 2556).

Full players list bellow

Official Website
Mobile: +39-335-224916


Fano Chess Club, founded in 1988, has recently organized two awesome editions of the Italian Rapid Championship in 2011 and 2012.

These events took place in Fano Yacht Club – Marina dei Cesari, while Fano chess club provided the rich prize fund of 20.000 EUR. 450 players, 6 GM, 17 IM and 100 players above 2000 elo fide participated. One of the biggest Italian tournaments in last 20 years!

Players list:

1 David Alberto 2605 LUX Magistrale
2 Solodovnichenko Yuri 2598 UKR Magistrale
3 Georgiev Vladimir 2562 MDK Magistrale
4 Prohaska Peter 2562 HUN Magistrale
5 Banusz Tamas 2556 HUN Magistrale
6 Rusev Krasimir 2540 BUL Magistrale
7 Arnaudov Petar 2486 BUL Magistrale
8 Stella Andrea 2442 ITA Magistrale
9 Caprio Guido 2430 ITA Magistrale
10 Mateo Ramon 2427 DOM Magistrale
11 Fico Massimiliano 2281 ITA Magistrale
12 Swan Iain 2259 SCO Magistrale
13 Pulito Alberto 2252 ITA Magistrale
14 Gallucci Alessio 2245 ITA Magistrale
15 Buriani Andrea 2174 ITA Magistrale
16 Parpinel Marco 2159 ITA Magistrale
17 Vincenzi Marco 2100 ITA Magistrale
18 Kirk Larry 2097 SCO Magistrale
19 Mandolini Riccardo 2091 ITA Magistrale
20 Rago Riccardo 2079 ITA Magistrale
21 Boraso Alessio 2078 ITA Magistrale
22 Rovedi Mauro 2056 ITA Magistrale
23 Chierici Mariana 2050 ITA Magistrale
24 Rizzardi Franco 2026 ITA Magistrale
25 Piro Valerio 2013 ITA Magistrale
26 Gambardella Piero 1992 ITA Magistrale
27 Cardarelli Angelo 1954 ITA Magistrale
28 Di Lascio Savino 1946 ITA Magistrale
29 Sindoni Antonio 1931 ITA Magistrale
30 Petrone Gianmario 1930 ITA Magistrale
31 Marozzi Giovanni 1928 ITA Magistrale
32 Simonetto Adriano 1919 ITA Magistrale
33 Rubini Alessandro 1917 ITA Magistrale
34 Faini Marco 1908 ITA Magistrale
35 Hassan Fathi 1901 ITA Magistrale
36 Benassi Virginio ITA Torneo B
37 Bruglia Orlando ITA Torneo B
38 calabrese Michele ITA Torneo B
39 Carletti Angelo ITA Torneo B
40 Carletti Davide ITA Torneo B
41 Cesetti Egidio ITA Torneo B
42 Cerami Giuseppe ITA Torneo B
43 Ciarloni Giuseppe ITA Torneo B
44 Costantino Gianfranco ITA Torneo B
45 De Paolis Diego ITA Torneo B
46 Faini Ivano ITA Torneo B
47 Falasca Valerio ITA Torneo B
48 Fragni Enrico ITA Torneo B
49 Falasca Marco ITA Torneo B
50 Gambarino Federico ITA Torneo B
51 Graziani Roberto ITA Torneo B
52 Iancarelli Alessia ITA Torneo B
53 Mazzarini Daniele ITA Torneo B
54 Monti Marco ITA Torneo B
55 Ollari Luca ITA Torneo B
56 Pannella Antonello ITA Torneo B
57 Pannella Leopoldo ITA Torneo B
58 Panaghel Silla ITA Torneo B
59 Papi Lorenzo ITA Torneo B
60 Pasquotto Mirko ITA Torneo B
61 Saviano Sabato ITA Torneo B
62 Renzo Guerra ITA Torneo B
63 Rizzi Domenico ITA Torneo B
64 Sanguinetti Edoardo ITA Torneo B
65 Turazza Silvia ITA Torneo B
66 Varzi Florian ITA Torneo B
67 Valenti Marco ITA Torneo B
68 Virgilio Gianluca ITA Torneo B
69 Amato Roberta ITA Torneo C
70 Battistelli Daniele ITA Torneo C
71 Berardi Alessandro ITA Torneo C
72 Borzi Rosario ITA Torneo C
73 Cerami Giovanni Vito ITA Torneo C
74 Cirelli Alessandro ITA Torneo C
75 Devambez Andrea ITA Torneo C
76 Federici Attilio ITA Torneo C
77 Federici Attilio ITA Torneo C
78 Francalancia Giulio ITA Torneo C
79 Gori Giuseppe ITA Torneo C
80 Lujan Valeria ITA Torneo C
81 Montanaro Giovanna ITA Torneo C
82 Palma Giorgio Maria ITA Torneo C
83 Pannella Luigi ITA Torneo C
84 Raymundo ITA Torneo C
85 Rossi Andrea ITA Torneo C
86 Serafini Marco ITA Torneo C
87 Simonetto Andrea ITA Torneo C
88 Solimè Marco ITA Torneo C
89 Sorcinelli Matteo ITA Torneo C
90 Stella Umberto ITA Torneo C
91 Tomassini Federico ITA Torneo C
92 Verna Filippo ITA Torneo C
93 Ameri Keivan ITA Torneo U16
94 Ameri Javid ITA Torneo U16
95 Berardi Alessandro ITA Torneo U16
96 Catalano Andrea ITA Torneo U16
97 Ceccolini Riccardo ITA Torneo U16
98 Consoli Luca ITA Torneo U16
99 Della Santa Luca ITA Torneo U16
100 Ferretti Andrea ITA Torneo U16
101 Filippini Roberto ITA Torneo U16
102 Marranzino Mattia ITA Torneo U16
103 Martello Lorenzo ITA Torneo U16
104 Marzoli Emanuele ITA Torneo U16
105 Pannella Maria Cristina ITA Torneo U16
106 Sarti Riccardo ITA Torneo U16
107 Serafini Jacopo ITA Torneo U16
108 Serafini Diego ITA Torneo U16
109 Ugolini Elisa ITA Torneo U16
110 Vino Andrea ITA Torneo U16

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