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1st International Tournament of Thessaloniki 2022

The 1st International tournament of Thessaloniki will be held from 3rd to 10th August in the Porto Palace Hotel & Conference Center. The event will be played in three rating groups: Open A (for players rated 1900+), Open B (for players rated 1200-1899) and Open C (for players rated U1200).

The total prize fund of the events will be 3.600 euros and the top seeds are: GM Imre Hera, IM Platon Galperin and GM Emil Mirzoev. The time control of the events will be: 90 min for the first 40 moves + 30 min until the end of the game + 30 sec increment per move from the 1st move. Scroll down for starting rank list

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Starting rank list – 1st International Chess Tournament of Thessaloniki:

No. NameFEDRtgI
1GMHera Imre Jr. HUN2568
2IMGalperin Platon UKR2518
3GMMirzoev Emil UKR2493
4IMGilevych Artem ITA2413
5GMSkembris Spyridon GRE2408
6IMKanakaris Georgios GRE2389
7FMTrimitzios Petros GRE2369
8IMKukov Velislav BUL2345
9 Haag Gregor GER2340
10 Vafiadis Kleanthis GRE2286
11 Tsaknakis Zisis GRE2266
12WGMTrabert Bettina GER2257
13FMKrasteva Beloslava BUL2249
14 Papakonstantinou Dimitrios GRE2206
15CMPapadopoulos Panayotis GRE2191
16FMNikolaidis Konstantinos GRE2181
17 Kosmidis Ioannis GRE2165
18 Kolev Lachezar BUL2132
19 Mitrandzas Athanasios GRE2071
20 Athanasiadis Mihail GRE2058
21 Muntean Victor SWE2046
22 Lagashin Pavel FID2045
23 Banov Boil BUL2043
24 Agnello Francesco Claudio ITA2024
25 Andreev Stanislav BUL2019
26 Koudounis Vasileios GRE2018
27WFMPalma Maria ITA2000
28 Minas Ioannis GRE1983
29 Milovanovic Ninoslav SRB1982
30 Androni Konstantina GRE1982
31 Konstantelias Konstantinos GRE1969
32 Martinelli Valeria ITA1962
33WFMGrapsa Georgia GRE1960
34 Papadimitriou Loukas GRE1935
35 Papadopoulos Zisis GRE1928
36 Hrisovalantis Danis GRE1912
37 Dermatopoulos Konstantinos GRE1911
38 Nikolakis Panagiotis Marios GRE1905
39 Theoharidis Georgios GRE1894
40 Vecchione Anna Pia ITA1872
41 Anastasopoulou Andrianna GRE1847
42 Sforza Michelangelo ITA1841
43 Galanis Nikolaos-Panagiotis GRE1824
44 Skodras Asterios GRE1814
45 Koukouves Vlasios GRE1811
46 Tsilidis Christos GRE1810
47 Deli Eleanna Ratzvika GRE1795
48 Tribushnaya Olga UKR1766
49 Hidzos Georgios GRE1762
50 Zaganas Konstantinos GRE1698
51 Skembris Simon Max GER1633
52 Giakoustidis Spiros-Avgerinos GRE1625
53 Konstantinidis Mavroudis GRE1622
54 Zonidis Petros GRE1608
55 Ntelis Polizois GRE1556
56 Dereka Konstantina GRE1451
57 Kavakopoulou Ioulia Anastasia GRE1430
58 Tufano Chiara ITA1414
59 Ifoulis Antonios GRE1413
60 Mitzas Dimitris GRE1394
61 Sarafis Rafail GRE1383
62 Angelakopoulou Ioanna GRE1375
63 Chalkias Michail Panagiotis GRE1368
64 Rocca Claudio ITA1364
65 Petridis Dimitrios Panagiotis GRE1351
66 Christou Lambros GRE1345
67 Pourliaka Tatiana GRE1338
68 Giakoustidou Evgenia GRE1333
69 Triantaphylidis Alexandros I GRE1332
70 Boudoulis Pashalis GRE1318
71 Nikolaki Dimitria GRE1314
72 Anderson Klim UKR1288
73 Trikic Todor SRB1279
74 Anderson Pedro UKR1229
75 Papapanagiotou Achilleas GRE1179
76 Kyrilas Evangelos GRE1159
77 Chasapis Christos GRE1126
78 Haliandros Apostolos GRE1079
79 Sioumis Antonios GRE1064
80 Dimoudis Dimitrios GRE1058
81 Vlasis Konstantinos GRE0
82 Skandalis Vasileios GRE0
83 Bekiari Angeliki GRE0
84 Bekiaris Vasileios GRE0
85 Fotiadou Aristi GRE0
86 Anderson Viktor UKR0
87 Kraniotis Vasieios GRE0
88 Mingas Dimitrios GRE0
89 Patsoura Alexandra GRE0
90 Stylos Ioannis GRE0


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