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2013 Catalonian Championship

London Chess ClassicThe Campeonato Absoluto de Cataluña 2013 is taking place on 4th – 11th May at the Local de la Federació Catalana d’Escacs (Sant Adrià, 20 de Barcelona), Spain.

The event is being played under the knock-out format with a classical time control between the 16 qualified players to this prestigious local tournament. In case of a tie in the first two encounters, a set of accelerated games is used to determine the winner.

First seed GM Miguel Illescas was eliminated in the quarterfinals by GM Orelvis Pérez.

In the semifinal, besides Perez, we find IM Lázaro Lorenzo de la Riva, GM Josep Manuel López and second seed GM Álvar Alonso.

Defending champion GM Miguel Muñoz Pantoja has also been eliminated.

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1 GM Illescas Cordoba Miguel ESP 2620
2 GM Alonso Rosell Alvar ESP 2547
3 GM Narciso Dublan Marc ESP 2542
4 GM Alsina Leal Daniel ESP 2540
5 GM Moskalenko Viktor ESP 2539
6 GM Lopez Martinez Josep Manuel ESP 2535
7 IM Fluvia Poyatos Joan ESP 2492
8 GM Perez Mitjans Orelvis ESP 2483
9 IM Gual Pascual Antonio ESP 2468
10 GM Munoz Pantoja Miguel ESP 2455
11 IM Fluvia Poyatos Jordi ESP 2453
12 IM Lorenzo De La Riva Lazaro ESP 2423
13 IM Beltran Rueda Santiago ESP 2417
14 FM Lillo Castany Victor ESP 2327
15 MK Ramon Solans Albert ESP 2316
16 WFM Alfonso Nogue Beatriz ESP 2087

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