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2022 Ontario Open Chess Tournament

The Ontario Open Chess Tournament will take place from May 21 through May 23, at the beautiful West Toronto Masonic Temple.

The event features 4 tournaments: Crown, U2200, U1800 and U1400. Each tournament will be played in six rounds with a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move. The total prize fund of the event will be 8.500$.

The 2022 Ontario Open combined players list of 165 entries across 4 sections (Crown, U2200, U1800, U1400), include 28 titled players, 60 junior players, and 41 unrated players. GM Bator Sambuev, IM Nikolay Noritsyn and IM Artiom Samsonkin are the top seeds of the Crown section. (find the starting rank list of each section below)
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Starting rank list of players – 2022 Ontario Open (Crown):

No. NameFEDRtg
1GMPreotu Razvan CAN2629
2GMSambuev Bator CAN2568
3IMNoritsyn Nikolay CAN2566
4IMPlotkin Mark CAN2528
5IMGhasi Ameet K ENG2515
6IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn CAN2512
7IMThavandiran Shiyam CAN2474
8IMChiku-Ratte Olivier Kenta CAN2468
9FMTalukdar Rohan CAN2454
10FMPlotkin Victor CAN2392
11FMTeodoro IV Eduardo D. CAN2334
12CMJaferian Koosha IRI2333
13FMHumphreys Michael CAN2331
14NMDerraugh Geordie CAN2330
15WGMOuellet Maili-Jade CAN2300
16CMLi William CAN2275
17WGMBurtasova Anna CAN2274
18NMMalek Omid CAN2266
19WIMLi Yunshan CHN2262
20WIMDemchenko Svitlana CAN2244
21IMBarron Michael CAN2234
22NMHan Johnathan CAN2234
23NMAbrahams Daniel CAN2226
24 Malakhovets Sergey CAN2198
25 Huang Youhe CAN2184
26 Lin Leo CAN2160
27NMFilipovich David CAN2150
28WIMKasturi M IND2106
29 Pramanik Projjwal IND2071
30 Gavrilin Roman RUS2066
31 Gao Raymond CAN2058
32 Siegel Adam CAN1858


Starting rank list of players: 2022 Ontario Open (U2200):

No. NameFEDRtg
1 Dai Wenzhi CHN2177
2 Ishow Younan SYR2146
3NMSoutham David CAN2117
4 Bui Alan CAN2117
5 Loadman Ian CAN2091
6 Xu Eddie CAN2091
7 Nazareno Merlin CAN2083
8 Pimentel Sheldon CAN2026
9 Shih Matthew USA1985
10 Mohan Abhinandan CAN1984
11WFMHe Emma CAN1981
12 Ganea Mihai CAN1954
13 Yuen Noah Nathaniel CAN1948
14 Douglas Richard CAN1947
15 Faraji Jafar CAN1941
16 Lim Levi CAN1934
17 Zheng Victor CAN1918
18 Boross-Harmer Peter CAN1916
19 Cater Brendan CAN1916
20 Laughlin Braden CAN1908
21 Courson Wade CAN1902
22 Flores Marc CAN1894
23 Kim Noah CAN1884
24 Marghetis Aris CAN1869
25 Oancea Nicolae ROU1861
26 Wu Benjamin CAN1849
27 Mendes Aaron Reeve CAN1817
28 Jeyakumar Bhavatharshan CAN1808
29 Rajsic Branislav CAN1784
30 Lu Tony CAN1765
31 Lefort Victor CAN1755
32 Orlovskii Konstantin RUS1734
33 Li Ande CHN1675
34 Sneeggen Espen NOR1646


Starting rank list of players: 2022 Ontario Open (U1800):

No. NameFEDRtg
1 Milinkovic Mate CAN1794
2 Moon Ethan CAN1739
3AIMAdulfo Vincent Angel CAN1717
4 Yao Henry CAN1662
5 Guo Steven CAN1626
6 Helwig Frank CAN1626
7 Saltat Michael CAN1620
8 Perkins Simon CAN1597
9 Belcadi Salim CAN1592
10 Chepelev Ivan CAN1561
11 Greenblat Leeor CAN1507
12 Correa Braga Camara De Almeida Neve CAN1494
13 Gaisinsky Jacob CAN1458
14 Morin Sato CAN1412
15 Nicholson Devin CAN1376
16 Mourgelas James CAN1293
17 Gutierrez Matias CAN1280
18 Katrib Jordan CAN1196
19 Basi Karandeep CAN1177
20 Shetty Akash CAN1164
21 Avakian Anoush CAN0
22 Bui Minh CAN0
23 Caughey Matt CAN0
24 Dennahower Michael CAN0
25 Gara Emil CAN0
26 Granger Alec CAN0
27 Little Brian CAN0
28 Mancevski Dimitar CAN0
29 Mccutcheon Julian CAN0
30 Patel Aadi CAN0


Starting rank list of players: 2022 Ontario Open (U1400):

1Parakin Don CAN1344
2Wen Justin CAN1290
3Su Jayden Chenxuan CAN1289
4Bulatovic Marko CAN1279
5Charles Christopher CAN1260
6Allahverdi Umid AZE1250
7Bala Mehar CAN1213
8Huang Eric CAN1199
9Byun Jae Hyun CAN1184
10Yang Lucy CAN1176
11Shepherd Zachary CAN1163
12Lesperance Charles CAN1145
13Hilker Nathan CAN1143
14Tsenter Ester CAN1143
15Lim Justin CAN1141
16Hambardzumyan Narek CAN1074
17Pan Nicholas CAN1072
18Gerber Jerry CAN1070
19Gay Heidi CAN1018
20Hu Ethan CAN1004
21Wang Mengxuan CAN966
22Zhan Jayden Zihan CAN923
23Lukinykh Slava CAN915
24Wang William Kaiyuan CAN915
25Li Yuming (Jerry) CAN914
26Takeuchi Nobuko CAN912
27Mickelson Jonah CAN907
28Cawse James CAN898
29Trudeau Charlie CAN855
30Kuzin Stephen CAN837
31Banerjee Evan CAN790
32Shen Yining CAN770
33Li Sophia Jiawei CAN764
34Fiorucci Mario CAN756
35Semianiuk Catherine CAN726
36Fiorucci Marcus CAN694
37Sekaran Adithya CAN657
38Lesperance Milan CAN609
39Tkachenko Kristine CAN565
40Al Qadi Sad CAN0
41Al Rashdi Loay CAN0
42Al Thubian Andre CAN0
43Azbel Adam CAN0
44Bolik-Coulon Nicolas CAN0
45Bruce Ian CAN0
46Chen Aaron CAN0
47Chen Timmy CAN0
48Fakoorziba Payam CAN0
49Fihrer Gidon CAN0
50Fortner Emily CAN0
51Goel Dev CAN0
52Gomes Gaspar Yago CAN0
53Green Mike CAN0
54Guo Laura CAN0
55Ishow Youssef CAN0
56Kang Richard CAN0
57Liu Oscar CAN0
58Liu Sean CAN0
59Mcgowan Joseph CAN0
60Mclean Robert CAN0
61Penthor Stacey CAN0
62Prickett-Morgan Henry CAN0
63Ragalie Michael CAN0
64Rasul Samaira CAN0
65Shah Mustafa CAN0
66Tian Raymond CAN0
67Varol Cansin CAN0
68Voleti Sreekar CAN0
69Xie Irene CAN0

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