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2022 Open and Women’s Championships of North Macedonia concluded in Skopje

The 2022 Open and Women’s Chess Championships of North Macedonia concluded yesterday in Skopje. The events simultaneously took place in Hotel Continental, being played from April 29 – May 5.

59 players competed in the 9 round swiss system Open tournament, while 12 women played the 7 rounds swiss system Women’s Championship.

IM Filip Pancevski scored an unbeaten 8/9 points to triumph the Open section and clinch the title of North Macedonia National chess champion. Emil Risteski and Robert Veleski tied for second place both with score of 7 points, with tiebreaks determining Risteski takes silver while Veleski claims bronze.

WFM Monika Stojkovska suffered an upset in the second round losing to underdog Katerina Petrovska. Stojkovska scored 5/5 till the end of the competition to be the sole winner of the Women’s Championship with the final score of 6/7 points. Gabriela Koskoska was silver and Ivana Manova won bronze medal.

Final rankings – 2022 Open Chess Championship of North Macedonia:

Rk. NameTypFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1IMPancevski Filip  MKD2457848537
2FMRisteski Emil U18MKD2374750536
3FMVeleski Robert S50MKD2136747516
4FMDinev Dejan S50MKD22016.543475
5IMLazov Toni  MKD2377649544
6IMNikolovski Nikola  MKD2372648525
7 Veljanoski Andrej U18MKD2200647516
8 Tancev Zoran  MKD2257642464
9 Glavinac Goran  MKD2106640435
10 Jordanov Mihail U18MKD2219640435
11 Dimkovski Stojancho  MKD1966638406
12 Petrov Georgi S50MKD21535.543474
13 Petreski Leonid U18MKD18245.543465
14AFMZlatkov Anton U16MKD21065.543455
15FMIlic Ljubomir S65MKD20055.542455
16 Sumkoski Yane  MKD19475.540434
17 Davkov Mitko S50MKD05.532343
18FMKralevski Aleksander S65MKD2058546513
19 Jovanovski Teodor U18MKD1900544445
20 Hristovski Srdzan S50MKD2053543463
21 Tabakovski Dino U18MKD1580542454
22 Velkoski Stojan U18MKD1940539435
23 Eftovski Mateo U20MKD1940538413
24 Crkvenjakov Filip  MKD0532342
25 Krstev Emil S50MKD19304.543453
26 Stosevski Ilija S65MKD19814.540434
27 Petrov Vancho S50MKD19634.539424
28 Gjorgjevski Janco S50MKD18574.537404
29 Xheladini Valton U16MKD14554.535364
30 Petrovski Stojanche  MKD14454.535383
31 Trajkovski Mile S65MKD19964.535381
32 Linkinoski Borce  MKD12974.534363
33 Atanasovski Blazhe S50MKD17754.533362
34 Nikolovski David  MKD17234.531343
35 Kalin Andrei U14MKD1641442463
36 Selkovski Zarko S50MKD1996440434
37 Kostadinovski Zoran S50MKD1914439423
38 Golubovic Tomislav S50MKD1721437402
39 Boshkovski Nikola U16MKD1381436393
40 Petrovski Nikola U10MKD1242435383
41 Nikolovski Kiril U14MKD1237433362
42 Dimov Trajce  MKD1691433342
43 Gaberov Toshe S65MKD1512431334
44 Zhezhov Emil S50MKD17693.539423
45 Bojkovski Matej U16MKD14403.531332
46 Miskoski Misko  MKD1956342462
47 Cvetkovski Slobodan S50MKD1693339432
48 Zhezhovski Marjan S50MKD0335382
49 Stankovski Stefan U16MKD1024333352
50 Naskov Aleks U20MKD1371332351
51 Velkovski Zoran  MKD1440330313
52AFMTasevski Daniel  MKD0329303
53 Zvezdakoski Matej U18MKD19372.539422
54 Arsov Filip U20MKD16762.534352
55 Naskov Malachi U14MKD02.533352
56 Melnik Stefan U14MKD02.526261
57 Atanasov Sande S50MKD1832231341
58 Topalov Nikola S65MKD1525231322
59 Velickovski Filip U14MKD0129310


Final rankings – 2022 Women’s Chess Championship of North Macedonia:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1WFMStojkovska Monika MKD2086625028
2WIMKoskoska Gabriela MKD1995524026
3 Manova Ivana MKD18534.526028
4 Petrovska Katerina MKD18804.526028
5 Eftovska Lea MKD1610425027
6 Nikolovska Dragana MKD1904423025
7 Zhezhovska Monika MKD1611328030
8 Ajradinoska Indzi MKD1260323025
9 Lazarova Jovana MKD1207320022
10 Lazarevska Ana MKD0220022
11 Veleva Teodora MKD1271219021
12 Trajkovska Marija MKD0015016

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