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2023 Excelsior March GM Norm

The 2023 Excelsior March GM Norm will take place from 13-17 March 2023 in Toronto, Canada. The time control is 90 minutes and 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. It is 9-round Robin tournament with participation of Victor Mikhalevski, Gabor Nagy, Nikolay Noritsyn, Luis Fernando Ibarra Chami, Joshua Posthuma, Bator Sambuev, Mark Plotkin, Anthony Atanasov, Mike Ivanov and Zachary Dukic.

Results – Round 1 :

Round 1 on 2023/03/13 at 11:00
112519GMMikhalevski, Victor½ – ½IMPosthuma, Joshua244110
222460IMNoritsyn, Nikolay½ – ½GMNagy, Gabor24979
332447GMIbarra Chami, Luis Fernando1 – 0FMIvanov, Mike22998
442365IMPlotkin, Mark0 – 1FMDukic, Zachary22387
552361FMAtanasov, Anthony0 – 1GMSambuev, Bator24346

Parings rounds 2-9 :

Round 2 on 2023/03/13 at 16:00
1102441IMPosthuma, JoshuaGMSambuev, Bator24346
272238FMDukic, ZacharyFMAtanasov, Anthony23615
382299FMIvanov, MikeIMPlotkin, Mark23654
492497GMNagy, GaborGMIbarra Chami, Luis Fernando24473
512519GMMikhalevski, VictorIMNoritsyn, Nikolay24602
Round 3 on 2023/03/14 at 11:00
132447GMIbarra Chami, Luis FernandoGMMikhalevski, Victor25191
222460IMNoritsyn, NikolayIMPosthuma, Joshua244110
342365IMPlotkin, MarkGMNagy, Gabor24979
452361FMAtanasov, AnthonyFMIvanov, Mike22998
562434GMSambuev, BatorFMDukic, Zachary22387
Round 4 on 2023/03/14 at 16:00
182299FMIvanov, MikeGMSambuev, Bator24346
292497GMNagy, GaborFMAtanasov, Anthony23615
3102441IMPosthuma, JoshuaFMDukic, Zachary22387
412519GMMikhalevski, VictorIMPlotkin, Mark23654
522460IMNoritsyn, NikolayGMIbarra Chami, Luis Fernando24473
Round 5 on 2023/03/15 at 11:00
142365IMPlotkin, MarkIMNoritsyn, Nikolay24602
252361FMAtanasov, AnthonyGMMikhalevski, Victor25191
362434GMSambuev, BatorGMNagy, Gabor24979
432447GMIbarra Chami, Luis FernandoIMPosthuma, Joshua244110
572238FMDukic, ZacharyFMIvanov, Mike22998
Round 6 on 2023/03/15 at 16:00
192497GMNagy, GaborFMDukic, Zachary22387
212519GMMikhalevski, VictorGMSambuev, Bator24346
322460IMNoritsyn, NikolayFMAtanasov, Anthony23615
432447GMIbarra Chami, Luis FernandoIMPlotkin, Mark23654
5102441IMPosthuma, JoshuaFMIvanov, Mike22998
Round 7 on 2023/03/16 at 11:00
152361FMAtanasov, AnthonyGMIbarra Chami, Luis Fernando24473
242365IMPlotkin, MarkIMPosthuma, Joshua244110
362434GMSambuev, BatorIMNoritsyn, Nikolay24602
472238FMDukic, ZacharyGMMikhalevski, Victor25191
582299FMIvanov, MikeGMNagy, Gabor24979
Round 8 on 2023/03/16 at 16:00
112519GMMikhalevski, VictorFMIvanov, Mike22998
222460IMNoritsyn, NikolayFMDukic, Zachary22387
3102441IMPosthuma, JoshuaGMNagy, Gabor24979
432447GMIbarra Chami, Luis FernandoGMSambuev, Bator24346
542365IMPlotkin, MarkFMAtanasov, Anthony23615
Round 9 on 2023/03/17 at 11:00
162434GMSambuev, BatorIMPlotkin, Mark23654
272238FMDukic, ZacharyGMIbarra Chami, Luis Fernando24473
382299FMIvanov, MikeIMNoritsyn, Nikolay24602
492497GMNagy, GaborGMMikhalevski, Victor25191
552361FMAtanasov, AnthonyIMPosthuma, Joshua244110

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