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25th Belgrade International Open Championship – Round Six

The 25th Belgrade International Open Championship (Belgrade Trophy) takes place from 24th November to 2nd December in Obrenovac, near Belgrade.

The Championship with 198 participants is being played over 9 rounds according to the FIDE Swiss System and is valid for international norms for FIDE titles. The prize fund is 6000 EUR with 1500 EUR reserved for the winner.

GM Sipke Ernst and IM Filip Pancevski are joint leaders after winning their respective games in the 6th round.

belgrade winner

Round 6 standings:

1-2. GM Ernst Sipke NED 2593 and IM Pancevski Filip MKD 2442 – 5.5

3-10. IM Filip Lucian ROU 2471, GM Damljanovic Branko SRB 2597, IM Radlovacki Jovan SRB 2429, GM Strikovic Aleksa SRB 2564, GM Neverov Valeriy UKR 2537, GM Todorovic Goran M SRB 2482, GM Blagojevic Dragisa MNE 2514 and GM Tadic Branko SRB 2486 – 5.0

11-28. Nenezic Marko SRB 2329, IM Olenin Nikolay RUS 2323, Indjic Aleksandar SRB 2411, GM Abramovic Bosko SRB 2450, GM Lajthajm Borko SRB 2500, GM Drenchev Petar BUL 2499, GM Pap Misa SRB 2511, GM Spasov Vasil BUL 2583, GM Perunovic Milos SRB 2576, Sarenac Ivan SRB 2327, FM Pantelic Sasa SRB 2341, GM Savic Miodrag R SRB 2523, Petkovic Slobodan SRB 2093, GM Nikcevic Nebojsa MNE 2412, IM Cioara Andrei-Nestor ROU 2453, FM Maric Dragan SRB 2251, IM Miron Lucian-Costin ROU 2513 and IM Cvetkovic Srdjan SRB 2395 – 4.5 etc

Round 7 top pairings:

GM Ernst Sipke 2593 – IM Pancevski Filip 2442
GM Todorovic Goran M 2482 – GM Damljanovic Branko 2597
IM Filip Lucian 2471 – GM Strikovic Aleksa 2564
GM Neverov Valeriy 2537 – GM Tadic Branko 2486
GM Blagojevic Dragisa 2514 – IM Radlovacki Jovan 2429
Indjic Aleksandar 2411 – GM Spasov Vasil 2583
GM Perunovic Milos 2576 – Nenezic Marko 2329
GM Savic Miodrag R 2523 – IM Olenin Nikolay 2323
GM Nikcevic Nebojsa 2412 – IM Miron Lucian-Costin 2513
GM Pap Misa 2511 – FM Maric Dragan 2251
IM Cvetkovic Srdjan 2395 – GM Lajthajm Borko 2500

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