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2nd Golden Sands Open 2013

A view of the beach and hotel complexes

The 2nd edition of the Grand Europe Golden Sands Open 2013 is set to take place on 10th-18th June at the Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria.

The event will begin right after the Grand Europe Open 2013. A big amount of GMs will take this chance to participate in both events.

The event, organized by the Chess Club Bankya and the Bulgarian Chess Federation, will be a 9 round Swiss open with a time control of 90 min. with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. It will be valid for GM/IM norms.

The prize fund amounts to 40,000 Euros guaranteed regardless of the number of participants. It will be distributed as follows: 1st place – 6,000 Euros; 2nd place – 4,500 Euros; 3rd place – 3,500 Euros, etc.

Nine GMs and eight IMs have already signed up to participate. The first seeds so far are Bulgarian Ivan Cheparinov, Indian Abhijeet Gupta, Argentinian Sandro Mareco, Bulgarian Boris Chatalbasev and Brazilian champion Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian.

Tournament website

Registered players:

1 GM Cheparinov Ivan BUL 2702
2 GM Gupta Abhijeet IND 2591
3 GM Mareco Sandro ARG 2580
4 GM Chatalbashev Boris BUL 2553
5 GM Mekhitarian Krikor Sevag BRA 2548
6 GM Sveshnikov Evgeny LAT 2534
7 GM Drenchev Petar BUL 2490
8 IM Kohlweyer Bernd GER 2476
9 IM Ashwin Jayaram IND 2472
10 IM Smith Bryan G USA 2465
11 IM Mammadov Zaur AZE 2446
12 IM Galinsky Timofey UKR 2416
13 GM Sanduleac Vasile MDA 2410
14 IM Molina Roberto Junio Brito BRA 2402
15 WGM Sukandar Irine Kharisma INA 2388
16 GM Spassov Liuben BUL 2335
17 FM Friedrichs Klaus GER 2291
18 FM Abdalla Luiz Guilherme Aurell BRA 2288
19 IM Todorov Ognjan BUL 2285
20 WGM Dolzhikova Olga NOR 2270
21 WGM Velcheva Maria BUL 2262
22 Yakimenko Alexander A. RUS 2221
23 Tscharotschkin Michael GER 2217
24 Limbourg Philipp Dr. GER 2206
25 FM Kiselev Alexander S. RUS 2204
26 Mladenov Emil BUL 2119
27 IM Matorin Evgeny RUS 2099
28 Mihoubi Saad ALG 2088
29 Memarian Milad IRI 2057
30 Taylor Robert Graham WLS 1966
31 Drogovoz Irina RUS 1965
32 Mammadova Narmin AZE 1953
33 Drogovoz Maria RUS 1879
34 Galinskyi Mykhalo UKR 1477
35 Swapnil S. Dhopade IND 0

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