2nd International Livigno Chess Open

The 2nd International Chess Festival Valtellina Open will take place from 12th to 18th September in Livigno, Italy. The Festival is managed by the A.S.D. Circolo Scacchistico Amos Cusini and will be played in two groups – Open A from players rated above 2000 elo and Open B for players under 2000 elo.

The total prize fund is € 9.000,00. The winner takes € 1.000,00 + Cup, and there are prizes for three rating groups, women, and for Italian citizens on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification. Play room will be equipped with chessboards and wooden pieces supplied by www.scacchirandagi.com

After the last year’s wonderful experience many players are returning to compete in the second edition, while their friends are following the recommendations to sign up.

The comfortable playing hall

More information on the official website

The International Livigno Chess Open, at 1900m above sea level is probably Europe’s “highest” International Tournament. Livigno also offers many activities all year round, so it is the ideal place even for those who aren’t interested in chess.

The resort of Livigno owes its fame from to the fact of being a tax-free area. More than 250 shops for a few hours of leisure with the big names of international fashion stylist with particularly advantageous prices.

Rich proposal of trekking, walking or Mountain Bike way for the pleasure of five sense: the colour of nature, the wood smell, the sound of the torrent water, the pick of wild fruits and the taste of local dishes proposed in local restaurant. More information on website: www.livigno.eu

How far away are you from Livigno? (Instructions on how to reach)
Berlin – Km 856
Bolzano – Km 130
Hannover – Km 815
Innsbruck – Km 185
London – Km 1023
Madrid – Km 1799
Milan – Km 220
Munich – Km 270
Paris – Km 792
Prague – Km 727
Rome – Km 780
Stuttgart – Km 360
Vienna – Km 656
Warsaw – Km 1279
Zurich – Km 202

Pre-registered players:

Ikonnikov Vyacheslav RUS 2553
Rotstein Arkadij GER 2529
Olszewski Michal POL 2541
Brunello Sabino ITA 2552
Maiorov Nikita BLR 2535
Polak Tomas CZK 2540
Dgebuadze Alexandre BEL 2522
Petkov Vladimir BUL 2490
Naumkin Igor RUS 2486
Mirzoev Azer AZE 2415
Lazic Miroljub SRB 2449
Bruno Fabio ITA 2466
Timoshenko Georgy UKR 2568
Stella Andrea ITA 2412
Brunello Marina ITA 2228
Sveshnikov Evgeny LAT 2514
Sveshnikov Vladimir LAT 2407
Janev Evgeny BUL 2528
Svetushkin Dmitry MDA 2576
Solodovnichenko Yuri UKR 2615
Volkov Sergey RUS 2607
Godena Michele ITA 2525
Fedorchuk Sergey UKR 2618
Mareco Sandro ARG 2597
Cebalo Mišo CRO 2484
Michalik Peter SVK 2505
Mazur Stefan SVK 2386
Braga Fernando ITA 2447
Sanikidze Tornike GEO 2525
Narayanan Srinath IND 2371
Leone Cataldo ITA 1615
Zorzi Aristide ITA 1759
Hunt Adam ENG 2436
Manoni Ennio Ilario ITA 1803
Tencheni Maurizio ITA 1646
De Polzer Manfred ITA 1706
Piacentino Vittorio ITA 1600
Arnetta Maria Teresa ITA 2069
Cusini Davide ITA 1464
Castellani Lino ITA 1440
Pedrana Dario ITA 1449
Molina Fabrizio ITA 2256
Zamengo Bruno ITA 1936
Zamengo Fulvio ITA 2007
Coqueraut Jean Dominique ITA 1833
Benenati Gianfranco ITA 1774
Cortese Lina ITA 1651
Bentivegna Francesco ITA 2330
Zangrando Gianpietro ITA 1807
Manoni Emmanuel DenisITA 1818
Suvrajit Saha IND 2362
Palit Somak IND 2372
Roy Saptarshi IND 2385
Cusini Mattia ITA 1440
Andersson Thorbjörn SWE 2037
Kilpatrick Callum ENG 2256
Espinoza Palomino Willyam PER 2259
Bossi Alessandro ITA 2030
Ceresa Giambattista ITA 1467
Bosschem Tim BEL 2068
Badano Giancarlo ITA 1940
Poletti Fausto ITA 1940
Pacher Milan SVK 2403
Veznik Michael CZE 1830
Gulinelli Euro ITA 1699
Fabiano Giuseppe ITA 1542
Kock Hans-Uwe LIE 2084
Karl Hans SUI 2171
Blonna Michele ITA 1990
Franciosi Fausto ITA 2069
Guidi Giacomo G. ITA 1991
Pedrana Adriano ITA 1425
Schwartz Ylon USA 2252
Reverby Miro USA 2153
Rombaldoni Denis ITA 2517
Reginato Sabrina ITA 1971
Marconi Luca ITA 1829
Bove Alessandro ITA 2368
Xia Jie ITA 2249
Matania Lucio ITA 1640
Scalcione Michelangelo ITA 2337

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